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So here's the spiel...

Welcome to our world of civil engineering expertise! We're not your average firm. We're a full-service, turnkey team specializing in site development and project management. Since opening in 2022, our crew with over 50 years of combined experience has the strength and knowledge to deliver your development goals on projects of all sizes. 

You know what sets us apart? We don't just work for you; we become your partners! We're here to turn your vision into a reality, and we'll stick with you every step of the way. Whether your project is in the suburbs or the heart of the concrete jungle, our team isn't bound by limits. We've got the skills, the know-how, and the unstoppable determination to conquer any challenge.

Alright, let's cut the fluff and get real for a moment. You stumbled upon our website because you're on the hunt for an exceptional team that gets things done. You are simply looking for better.  Well, guess what? Your quest has come to an end, my friend! Just reach out and let us show you what we can do.

ProE Consulting Team
Residential Apartment Building

Core Values


Our tight-knit team has been working together since 2013, fostering loyalty and accountability. At ProE, everyone is equal, with no job hierarchy. This empowers each team member to approach the day with dedication and confidence, supported from top to bottom.


Many people in our business are told, “You can have it fast, you can have it good, you can have it cheap: pick two.” Our response…why not all three? Our secret to success is lightning-fast response time. Thanks to our strong relationships with local government bodies, we provide unbeatable turnaround times. We keep a close eye on all projects and provide daily status updates to clients. Whether it's good or bad news, our team prides itself on immediate response and complete transparency. We understand that project expectations may need last-minute adjustments, but rest assured, we always fight for your best interests.


Our objective is simple: Listen. Analyze. Create. We thrive on clients who bring us projects with unique visions. Our task is to objectively transform these ideas into a cohesive, profitable reality. We strongly encourage our clients to involve us from the very beginning, like adding us to the recipe before you even turn on the oven! This way, we can identify and address any potential obstacles in advance.


When it comes to engineering, we've got it down. Seriously, we know our stuff! Don't fall into the trap of thinking, “bigger company, better engineering”. Our prior experience working under the larger corporate veil has provided us with a unique vantage point of seeing client expectations and common criticisms. In our industry, value engineering is key, and we offer it proactively, even before you ask for it! We understand that cash is king, so why spend a fortune before a shovel even hits the ground?

Meet the team


The team

IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER...HERE ARE Your future partners...

ProE Consulting Team - Steve Hobbs


Managing Director/Owner

Meet Steve, a Texan through and through! Hailing from Dallas, Steve now enjoys the thrill of life in Katy. After 19 years of wedded bliss with his lovely wife Kara, they have a trio of awesome kids who keep them on their toes.


Steve received his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious University of Texas at Austin. But wait, there's more! Back in the day, he rocked the football field as a walk-on place kicker and punter for the Longhorns, (Laces out!!). Beyond his professional accomplishments, Steve has been a Licensed Professional Engineer in Civil Engineering since 2010.

When he's not engineering or channeling his inner athlete, Steve finds joy in spending quality time with his family, volunteering, indulging in all things sports, camping adventures, and even whipping up some mouthwatering dishes in the kitchen. He's the life of the party, always ready to crack some jokes and bring a smile to any occasion.

Justin Schrader

Managing Director/Owner

Get ready to meet the one and only Justin, a native of Nederland, Texas, who now resides in the bustling city of Houston. With a mind-blowing partnership of 27 years and 16 years of marital bliss with his incredible wife, Kelly, Justin has truly found his lifelong teammate.


Armed with a Civil Engineering degree from the esteemed Texas A&M University, he's been a Licensed Professional Engineer since 2009. But here's the twist - amidst his love for family, traveling, game nights with friends, and yes, even work (who would've thought?), Justin harbors an undying passion for the '80s classic, Teen Witch. Not just any version, mind you, but the 1989 Robin Lively rendition that takes him on a nostalgic ride every time.


As one of the proud owners of PROE, Justin's wit, charm, and quirky movie preferences adds that extra sprinkle of magic to every project!

ProE Consulting Team - Justin Shrader
ProE Consulting Team - Aimee Kalos

Aimee kalos

Senior project manager 

Let me introduce you to the fabulous Aimee, a true Texan from Lake Jackson and now happily residing in Katy with her charming husband, Nikolas. With a partnership that has stood the test of time for 14 years and counting, their 7-year marriage is just the cherry on top.


Aimee, a proud graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in Construction Management, has a few surprises up her sleeve. While she revels in spending time with her loved ones, hitting the gym, and perfecting her quilting skills, she also has an undeniable passion for all things feline. Yes, cats hold a special place in her heart, just like her knack for dominating board games and exploring breweries.


Aimee is not just a master of construction, she's a licensed cosmetologist and a certified SCUBA diver..."I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine!" Aimee's vivacious spirit, combined with her diverse talents, makes her a true force to be reckoned with.

Kendra hall-long

assistant project manager

Get ready to groove to the beat of Kendra's life story! Originating from Cleveland, Ohio, Kendra now calls Fresno, Texas her home sweet home. With a partnership of two decades and a solid 13 years of matrimonial bliss with her husband, Robert, Kendra knows a thing or two about keeping it real.


Equipped with a BBA in Business Administration from Texas Southern University, she's got the skills to make deals, but that's not all! When she's not hustling, Kendra unleashes her inner artist through painting and indulges in beauty treatments that keep her looking fly.


But here's the kicker - in a previous life, she was a rapper! That's right, Kendra was part of the legendary Grahamie Award-winning group "Triple Play." Nobody can chase "Waterfalls" quite like Triple Play! So, drop that beat and watch Kendra bring the K-Pop magic. With her infectious energy and lyrical prowess, Kendra is here to make you move, groove, and keep the party rocking like it's 1999.

ProE Consulting Team - Kendra Hall-Long
ProE Consulting Team - Harper Hobbs

Harper Hobbs

Tuesday Teen Spirit Influencer

Get ready to meet the extraordinary Harper, a Texan tornado hailing from Katy! She's got big college dreams, eyeing two prestigious colleges, Texas A&M and the University of Texas at Austin. When Harper's in the office on Tuesdays, she brings the party with her!


But that's not all. This gal is a Bible aficionado and loves to chat it up. When she's not spreading the good word, Harper loves spending quality time with her loved ones, planning events, and indulging in the great American pastime of watching baseball.


Harper is a competitive swimmer and even coaches others in the art of swimming for a whopping two months out of the year. She knows the endurance it takes, as she always says, "If I only have one day to live, take me to a swim meet... they last forever!" With her unique sense of humor and unwavering dedication, Harper brings laughter, connection, and endless poolside moments to cherish.

Construction Crane

The word on the street...

"WDC has collaborated with ProE on several commercial construction projects. They have consistently proven their knowledge of the requirements of the various agencies and jurisdictions AND their ability to effectively communicate and work with the applicable jurisdiction to develop efficient civil designs. We value their ability to work closely with our design team to come up with cost effective and creative civil engineering solutions. Additionally, they are very responsive, typically getting back to us within a few hours or a day at the most."

– Tony Spencer 

President, Wycoff Development & Construction (WDC)

Licenses, Certificates, & awards 

Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors Logo - ProE Consulting
Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors Logo - ProE Consulting
Titan Awards Gold Winner - ProE Consulting
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